Pollution News week ending April 27th 2014

All the news, blogs and articles we’ve been reading this week:

From greencareports.com:
Tesla Gigafactory seeks North American raw materials to cut pollution
All cars require raw materials and energy to produce, to mitigate pollution issues and increase supply chain transparency, Tesla will source raw battery materials from North America only, when it opens its $5 billion battery gigafactory.

From cnbc.com:
US top court declines Exxon’s appeal in water pollution case
Exxon’s appeal in a case of water pollution was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court. The company needs to pay millions of dollars to New York City.

From sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com:
California Environmental Protection Agency Maps Areas Most Badly Affected
The science-based tool used by state officials identifies the portions of the state that have higher pollution burdens and vulnerabilities than other areas, and therefore are most in need of assistance.

From rt.com:
London to be ‘smogged’ by polluted Paris
High concentrations of harmful particles from the French capital, which has been battling severe air pollution for the past month, are set to drift northward to southeast England, said environmental experts from King’s College London.

From boingboing.net:
Greenpeace: Heavy metals pollution in China makes ‘Cadmium rice’ commonplace
Greenpeace this week released a report on soil and rice crops sampled in villages close to a concentration of heavy metals smelters in China’s Hunan Province, and found Cadmium in rice to be a growing problem.

From news.vice.com:
China’s Toxic Soil, Air Pollution, and Dead Animals Prompt Action
Animal carcasses in its waterways, heavy particles in its air, toxic metals in its soil and food supply — these are a few of the things that led China to make waves on Earth Day by submitting proposals to its national legislature.

From phys.org:
Researchers raise alarm about air pollution levels in Haiti
Air pollution in the island nation of Haiti can reach levels considered hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to recent findings by Tufts researchers.

From switchboard.nrdc.prg:
Diesel Truck Pollution: The Truth is Lost in the Fumes
A couple things about diesel truck pollution: there’s still a lot of it in California, truck drivers are suffering from it, and most truck owners oppose rolling back the statewide truck clean-up rule.

From sciencemediacentre.org:
Nitrogen pollution, climate and land use: why what we eat matters
A new report will quantify for the first time how much our food choices affect pollutant nitrogen emissions, climate change and land-use across Europe.

From blogs.nytimes.com:
Report Finds Widespread Water Pollution in China
The majority of areas being monitored for water pollution by the Chinese government had “very poor” or “relatively poor” underground water quality.


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