Pollution News week ending April 20th

All the news and views we’ve been reading this week:

From scientificamerican.com:
Air Pollution Intensifies Pacific Storms
Pollution from China’s coal-burning power plants is pumping up winter storms over the northwest Pacific Ocean and changing North America’s weather, a new study finds.

From grist.org:
This giant vacuum will suck the pollution out of rivers
Dyson vacuums are legendary; they’re the main reason divorce is so ugly. So imagine what happens when you put that powerful technology to work on a polluted river.

From mediaite.com:
Blame Chinese Air Pollution for America’s Terrible Weather
A new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that China’s extreme air pollution could be intensifying storms over the Pacific Ocean, leading to changing weather patterns in North America.

From minnpost.com:
Huge gap in pollution exposure by race surprises U of M
The study looks at the differences in pollution exposure by race, income, education and other categories throughout the country, said Julian Marshall, the study’s lead researcher and a civil-engineering associate professor at the University of Minnesota.

From fortune.cnn.com:
China’s soil pollution: It’s much worse than you think 
When the Chinese government completed its first national soil pollution survey in 2005, the findings were so alarming that Beijing promptly declared the data secret.

From nationalgeographic.com:
Funny Video Takes on Plastic Pollution
As scientists debate how the world’s ocean might be picked free of plastic trash (hint: no one knows), a European nonprofit is taking on the problem with humor.

From phys.org:
Pollution top concern for U.S. and Canadian citizens around Great Lakes
Survey finds that water pollution remains the biggest environmental concern in the basin and that support varies markedly for different kinds of new energy options.

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