Pollution News week ending April 13th 2014

All the news and blog posts we found ourselves reading this week:

From grist.org:
Ohio cracks down on methane pollution from fracking
Drillers in the heavily fracked Buckeye State will now have to do more to find and fix leaks in their systems, part of the latest initiative to crack down on climate-changing methane pollution.

From eastasiaforum.org:
Can China win the war on air pollution?
China’s polluted air — so much in the news these days — has been 30 years in the making.

From scientificamerican.com:
China Finds Nearly 2,000 Firms in Breach of Anti-pollution Rules
Nearly 2,000 Chinese enterprises were found to be in violation of state pollution guidelines following a nationwide inspection campaign covering 25,000 industrial firms.

From news.stv.tv:
Air pollution causing thousands of early deaths in Scotland
Public Health England has revealed 2094 people die in Glasgow each year of conditions connected to air pollution.

From scientificamerican.com:
Car, Truck and Airplane Pollution Set to Drive Climate Change
Greenhouse gases from transportation may become one of the greatest drivers of human-induced climate change, according to a draft of a forthcoming U.N. report.

From psmag.com:
Is Air Pollution a Risk Factor for Suicide?
Asian researchers previously reported links between air pollution and suicide rates in South Korea and Taiwan. Now, University of Utah scientists say they have uncovered similar links in Salt Lake County.

From permaculturenews.org:
Bioremediation of Industrial Pollution
Bioremediation of Industrial Pollution -Utilizing Fungi, Bacteria, and Plants to Reduce Oil Pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin and the World.

From nationmultimedia.com:
More evidence of severe pollution
More evidence of severe pollution. Authority awaits cabinet green light to build wastewater treatment plant.

From cleantechnica.com:
Plug-In Hybrid VWs Coming To China As Efforts To Stop Pollution
VW looks to China as a potentially huge market for its hybrid electric cars as China starts to get serious about air pollution.


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