Light-Pollution Abatement


Cinzano Canada Image, showing Light Polluted Areas. White areas, are very heavily light polluted.   Black=”dark sky” and  White =”light polluted”.

The goal of the RASC Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Program is to reduce the levels of light pollution in urban and rural areas by advising Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and departments along with business and concerned citizens to take action to reduce unnecessary glare, uplight and light trespass.

It is a constructive and advisory program that encourages meetings at the local level between concerned citizens and governments, business and the media to inform and advise these groups on the problems created by light pollution. We provide practical recommendations to reduce obtrusive lighting. The program is managed by the RASC LPA Committee consisting of volunteers from across Canada.

Mission Statement : In 1991, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada established its Light-Pollution Abatement Committee to support measures to reduce Light Pollution. image/article from : read more >>

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