Dog Poo. What do we do?

Dog Poo. What do we do?

We all love our dogs but dog poo is big problem worldwide. Try walking down some of the narrow footpaths in Paris (but they do have motorised PooperScoopers!) or try walking in your favourite local Park. There’s a lot of it (dog poo that is)!  You can see the odd person picking up after their dog, and then wondering what do with it. Often an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude exists.’ What to do?

Trash it. Putting pet waste in the garbage bin is easy but it’s not the best solution. Waste contributes to the landfill problems. Conclusion: Cross this one out also particularly where it’s wrapped in a plastic bag which may break down over the next 100 years or more.

Leave it in the park. Not great (we pretend not to notice or tell them they’re naughty and leave it) but it adds to water pollution besides providing a messy and inconvenient tread for others using the park.

Enter the Worm Farm Pooch ‘N Kitty Loo Kit! It provides the ideal pet waste compostable treatment system with a Bow-Bow Guarantee that is right for the environment and you pet with no more stinky poos! image/ article from : read more >>

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