Anglo Abandons Pebble: Let Alaska Now Decide for Itself

Anglo Abandons Pebble: Let Alaska Now Decide for Itself.

Anglo American has abandoned the Pebble Mine Project in Alaska.  That much was news to me this morning as I boarded a flight to a mine in a wet climate and sensitive place.  By the time we had done the day’s business on this mine and I got to the computer, the blogs and news services were choking with the news.  Very little in the way of comment though, so the way is still open for me to say something.

I stopped blogging about Pebble a long while ago–it was more or less like those stories that go on and on, yet never go anywhere.  Like the Israel vs Palestine conflict.  Or Iran and nuclear weapons.  Or Cuba, North Korea, and other unsavory places.

Recall that Cynthia Carroll, former head of Anglo, once said they would pull out of the mine is there was no local support.  So it was only a matter of time before Anglo pulled out, for there is no local support.   Anglo just had to find a time and reason for pulling out without living up to Carroll’s promise.

Now they have pulled out citing risk and the need to make money instead of spending it on loosing projects that may never come to be any time ever down the pipeline.

It is a perfectly sensible decision by Anglo, albeit an expensive one.  Just how long can you throw money at so controversial a project with such strong opposition?   How much would it cost to get the EPA off your back and the Republicans in Washington on your bandwagon?  Seen from London, it must have looked like an eternity and an infinite sum to boot… image from :, article from : read more >>

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