Water Pollution


Water pollution occurs when bodies of water become contaminated with substances that don’t belong there and which are harmful to those who use the water, including plant, fish and animal life in and around it. It is an enormous problem in many parts of the world and it causes many thousands of deaths daily. Groundwater too can become polluted and this can create a whole set of new problems such as the difficulty in predicting the downstream effects.

Rapidly developing countries like China and India have particularly severe problems with water pollution with hundreds of millions of people in those countries lacking safe drinking water and suffering poor sanitation. Once great rivers like the Ganges in India are now so polluted that they present high disease risk to those who depend on them. The developed world also has serious water pollution problems with many bays, lakes and river systems polluted worldwide.

Pollution can arise from many man-made sources and natural events like volcanoes can also lead to water pollution. Man-made sources include industrial and chemical waste, sewage spills, agricultural run-off of fertilisers and storm water run-off from urban areas.
Water pollution is often obvious due to discolouration, odour, cloudiness etc but can also be thermal (a change in temperature) such as from power station waste. Thermal pollution can be damaging to fish life as it reduces oxygen in the water.

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