WDCS: They Can’t Afford to Wait for Evolution

WDCS: They can’t afford to wait for evolution

An interesting and hard-hitting print advertisement campaign launched by Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society to create awareness regarding the threatened species. The campaign was undertaken with a view to urge people to participate and contribute to environment conservation and to protect those species who are endangered due to pollution. image/excerpt from : drprem.com see original […]

Roadway Traffic Noise Pollution in Atlanta

Roadway Traffic Noise Pollution in Atlanta

Some Americans who are actually paying attention to the problem of noise pollution are watching enviously as the EU takes serious steps to reel in noise pollution in its 27 member countries. I mean, serious steps – things are going to be much quieter on the other side of the pond by the year 2017, […]

Noise Pollution Causes Stress to Whales

Noise pollution causes stress to whales

Whales use sound to communicate, locate food and to navigate. Previous studies have shown that the noise produced by human activities can cause whales to change their calling patterns, but these most recent findings are the first that demonstrate that noise pollution actually causes physical harm to whales. Noise levels in our oceans, produced by […]