Light-Pollution Abatement


Cinzano Canada Image, showing Light Polluted Areas. White areas, are very heavily light polluted.   Black=”dark sky” and  White =”light polluted”. The goal of the RASC Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Program is to reduce the levels of light pollution in urban and rural areas by advising Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and departments along with business and […]

Potential Ecocide – Hydraulic fracturing

Potential Ecocide - Hydraulic fracturing

It is the task of the court to clarify if a certain case of environmental destruction is ecocide. According to the draft directive, first it must be certified that an ecosystem was damaged (an ecosystem is a community of living organisms and their environment which build a system exchanging matter and energy). Then, a test […]

Recycled Furniture Idea With Red Keg

Recycled Furniture Idea With Red Keg

Recycled furniture is the thing that you can consider to decorate your home that is not only so economic but also natural friendly. There are many things that you can do to have this recycling project. All you need is just to be creative to take the advantage of unused things into the more useful […]