Land Pollution


Land pollution is the damage done to the planet’s surface when it is misused, for example the damage caused when industrial waste is not properly disposed of. It also includes the overuse and exploitation of the land’s resources through agriculture and mining. Land pollution can also occur as a result of other pollution, for instance when acid rain damages the top soil.

As development continues larger cities and increased food production are required as well as increased industrial activity, these factors contribute enormously to land pollution. The need for space for buildings and infrastructure as well as food production drives us to use the land and displace the wildlife that had previously existed there.

Agricultural activities expose the land to erosion by the wind and often require the use of chemical fertilisers, the long term use of which can be damaging. Agriculture can also require herbicides and pesticides and the long term effects of these can also be harmful. Growing populations also mean growing waste disposal needs. Much of our waste is buried at landfill sites where it can cause chemical leaching into local water and can also produce methane gas a harmful air pollutant.

The mining industry has also been responsible for much land pollution both directly, through the extraction of minerals and gas from the earth and indirectly, through the collateral damage caused by the various chemicals used in the industry contaminating nearby water systems.

‘Zero-Waste’ Society to End Landfill

'Zero-Waste' Society to End Landfill

In a waste strategy review, the new environment secretary says each local council should develop its own recycling scheme. Throwing rubbish such as drinks cans and leftover food into landfill wastes money and should not continue, the environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, said today. Announcing a new government review of England’s waste strategy, Spelman said putting […]

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Dog Poo. What do we do?

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Copşa Mică‪ – One of the Most Polluted Cities in Europe‬

Copşa Mică‪ - One of the Most Polluted Cities in Europe‬

The Copşa Mică works were two factories in the Transylvanian town of Copşa Mică, Sibiu County, Romania. The two were the town’s principal employers, but combined, they made it among the most polluted places in Eastern Europe. Soot from Carbosin encased Copşa Mică in a black covering, while metals from Sometra suffused the air, water […]