Hong Kong Air Pollution Setting Records

Hong Kong Air Pollution Setting Records

High air pollution levels are often cited by international companies as a major drawback of doing business in Hong Kong, and may hinder the city’s efforts to bolster its image as a desirable place to live.

Pollution levels, even back in 2010, were 12 to 14 times the amount recommended by the World Health Organization, estimated the Clean Air Network, which campaigns to inform the public on Hong Kong’s pollution issues.

Air pollution in Hong Kong reached record levels in 2010 as several measurement stations soared above the top end of the government’s 500-point air pollution index. Pollution levels were still officially classified as “severe,” with many stations showing 300 points or more. Readings of 100 or above are classified as “very high” and come with the advice that people who are sensitive to pollution should reduce outdoor activities. Anything above 200 is considered “severe,” and can lead to coughing, phlegm and sore throats, the authorities warned. The previous record was 202, set in July 2008. image article from :nytimes.com read more >>

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