Our goal is simple – tell people about pollution, where and why it happens, and what to do about it. We’re always searching for the best ways to improve the health of our planet, and promote sustainable lifestyle habits to everyone lucky enough to live on it.



1. A socially responsible lifestyle brand reflected in the artwork of its contributing designers and artists.

2. The goal of Poopy is to provide a brand to people who give a poop about our planet. These people aren’t afraid to wear a statement and practice what they preach.

3. A percentage of profits on artwork and clothing sales go to a network of international environmental organizations. See the list and why we do this >>



1. A website which acts as a portal of non-biased, pollution-related information and is a source of Daily Inspiration* to remind us about the cause we represent, and why we wear the poopy brand and spread the message.

2. The website uses social media networks to connect with individuals all over the planet that share a common view and want to do something about it.

Mission Statement
Poopy acts as a catalyst to speed up the healing process of our planet from the current unsustainable practices of all its polluters.

Where We Are
We’re everywhere! Poopy is anyone who agrees with what we do, and wants to do something about it. Get involved. here’s how

Want to read more about us? Read Poopy’s Principles & Policy

*Daily Inspiration includes images and articles that we come across on the web. Poopy does not take credit for the imagery and excerpts and displays them on poopy.org as a means to share content with people who are interested, and provide links to the original sources.

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