Pollution News week ending July 27th 2014


The news articles and blog posts from around this polluted world that got our attention last week: From phys.org: Catching grease to cut grill pollution A team of University of California students have designed a tray that when placed under the grates of a backyard grill reduces by 70 percent the level of a harmful […]

Pollution News week ending July 20th 2014


The articles and blog posts that we found ourselves reading this week: From yle.fi: Beep, beep: Mobile lifestyles amp up noise pollution The beeps, ring tones and audio notifications that accompany our increasingly mobile lifestyles are making themselves heard in the environment and more so in public transportation. From gizmag.com: Smartphone sensor generates crowdsourced pollution […]

Pollution News week ending July 13th 2014

pollution news

The news and blog posts that caught our eye this week: From qz.com: How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis The growing outrage has forced leaders to declare a “war on pollution,” including the goal of slashing Beijing’s PM2.5— the concentration of the particles that pose the greatest risk to human […]