Pollution News week ending May 25th 2014

pollution news

All the pollution related news and views we read this week: From yle.fi: Finland swept by fine particle pollution Air currents from the southeast are showering Finland with traffic and industrial pollution from Russia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. From huffingtonpost.com: Brazil Won’t Clean Up Water Pollution In Guanabara Bay By 2016 Authorities pledged to cut […]

Pollution News week ending May 18th 2014


All the news and views that caught our attention this week: From fastcoexist.com: Air Pollution Is Lowering IQs & Earning Potential of New York Children The city could improve education programs all they want, but kids who are most exposed to dangerous air pollution are starting from behind already and will earn less in their […]

Pollution News week ending May 11th 2014


All the blogs and articles that caught our eye this week: From news.harvard.edu: Promising solution to plastic pollution Promising solution to plastic pollution. Harvard’s Wyss Institute creates bioplastic made from shrimp shells. From sltrib.com: Is air pollution causing Vernal’s neonatal deaths to rise? The rate of neonatal mortality appears to have climbed from about average […]