Land Pollution is a Growing Problem

Land Pollution is a Growing Problem

Land Pollution is a growing problem in today’s society. Millions of tons of trash and waste are put into our cities and our wildlife. The biggest cause of Land Pollution is trash. People litter and this builds up overwhelming levels of trash around the globe. How can we stop this? Recycling is an effective method […]

Extreme Pollution Levels in the Ganges


The Ganges suffers from extreme pollution levels, which affect the 400 million people who live close to the river. Sewage from many cities along the river’s course, industrial waste and religious offerings wrapped in non-degradable plastics add large amounts of pollutants to the river as it flows through densely populated areas. The problem is exacerbated […]

Pollution News week ending May 26th 2013

Beach Pollution – Toxic Beach (San Francisco)

We’re really happy to see news sources and bloggers write about pollution issues and would love to see their articles reach a wider audience. Here are a few of the articles which caught our attention over the last week: From Treehugger Fri 24 May 2013: Coal Pollution in North Omaha, Nebraska: “Kids Deserve Better… Residents […]