Air Pollution Problem

air pollution problem

Fresh air for breathing is one of the basic requirements of every individual. But, this is not present abundantly in our locality. Most of the air in our locality is impure. People need to be aware about the consequences of air pollution. We hope for a better tomorrow by minimizing air pollution as much as […]

Shipping Container Spill – Polluted Beach

shipping container spill - polluted beach

Shipping Container Spill – Polluted Beach. image from :

A Film Review: ‘Gasland’

A film review: ‘Gasland’

There is a huge boom in natural gas production going on in the US at the moment.  Gas which is locked up in shale and has proven very hard to extract in the past is now being made available through a process called hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’. ‘Gasland’ reveals how the organisations supposed to be […]